Etna Shisha

Our vision is to be the first brand to come to mind in the world when mentioning hookah, while putting hookah culture over the top in the whole world with different and innovative products with high quality and by designing the hookah equipment which hookah lovers will use comfortably with modern designs.

To be the first choice of hookah lovers with the ethical, reliable and high work ethic; to offer stylish and modern hookah equipment always and everywhere with the perfect service and service network to the service of hookah lovers..


Body: 1st class porcelain is made by hand work. Over 24 carat gold and platinden It is made with the design of the pattern to fit the product form. Cover of the housing The seat is designed to be not lost. Leaves hidden in the trunk The ash chamber is designed so that the ash accumulates in its reservoir. Cover top 25 air duct support, the sides with 6 air duct at the same temperature holding the hookah offers a maximum of 2 hours for lovers.

Metal Part: Complete chrome-steel, including the body and the bracelet of the bottle It is produced. The remaining part of the ser pipe in the water is supported by 8 air ducts. It provides. To get the taste and aroma of hookah Is designed.

Bottle: Hand made and crystal cuts on the product is given a unique style. The mouth of the bottle is designed so that a hand can enter easily. Inside the bottle special places where the fruits can be laid comfortably and the fruits in the water cannot slip It is made. The LED light at the bottom of the bottle completes the bottle visually.

Marpuç: Hand-held wood is made of beech, walnut and wood; varnish The technology used in weapon technology is maintained with. Spiral way triangle, one The hand is designed to grasp the best. Mouthpiece part is chrome steel and hose part High temperature baked silicone hose used in food industry is real on first class calf leather with white, black and taba color It is coated. Marpuç part of the body will enter the chrome steel and over oringle has been specially designed so as not to support air.

Tray: From the beech tree, the bottle is not produced from wood with the technology used to produce the marpucun according to the lines Bottle stand is located.